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With that "Slick Demon" touch.

Our Services

Slick Demon & slick sounds.

Imagine a full orchestra performing music specifically written for your film / video. If you think that's just a dream with the budget you have, think again. Slick Demon utilizes the latest and highest quality of samples to create, note for note, an entire virtual score for your project for a fraction of the cost that dozens of musicians and weeks of studio time would incur.

We create with just you in mind. Our arrangements are not re-hashes or loops, they are completely original works created for, designed around, and flowing with the style of your video. We will use every instrument in our arsenal necessary, and mix and match music genres from orchestral, electronic, ethnic and rock to accentuate your project with the emotion of music.
Slick Demon has an extensive sample and Virtual Instrument library (over 1.2 TB's) to meet just about any request a client may have. These range from simple synths and sound effects to massive symphonic, ethnic, percussion and vocal performances, captured in their full ranges and timbres. When arranged correctly, an amazing level of realism can be reached that can be difficult to differentiate from the enormously time and money consuming studio sessions.

When working with audio, the raw, untouched signal is rarely used. EQ'ing, compression and for certain circumstances, distortion and re-verb, just to name a few, may be required. Slick Demon has a vast collection of these high quality "plug-in's," to enrich the overall feel and quality of the final arrangement.

Web Design
So much more than just simple web design.

Your site represents you

Yes, it sounds so contrived, but it really is true. People are bombarded with information when they enter the web, as they should be - that's what the Internet is all about. Next comes the process of elimination, rooting out the unwanted and finding what one is searching for. When a site is accessed, the viewer reacts in seconds. Do I trust this? Is this current information? Is this company credible? Does this "feel right?" When the answer is no to any of these, the viewer promptly exits, and the site is immediately forgotten.

Slick Demon doesn't just take your information and re-type it to the Internet, we educate ourselves as much as possible on what you do, who you are and what you are trying to convey so that we can construct your site in a manner that best represents you to your target audience. Designing in this manner helps Slick Demon to provide and correctly place content that is relevant to your audience, which in turn helps to grab and focus their attention on you.

To be remembered

Slick Demon has many "main goals" when faced with the first steps of a website design, but one in particular can sometimes be forgotten in a client's race to get information on-line. Creations that are unique and have the ability to give your audience a bit of entertainment, while dishing out what can be very dull information, are proven to help lock you and your content into a viewer's mind. This is why Slick Demon is here. We perform massive brainstorming before a project starts to discover how we can apply the Slick Demon touch to your site to help you be remembered by your audience.

Custom content management systems

What is a content management system? To explain it simply and relevant to our purposes, a content management system (CMS) is a coded set of instructions that allows a client to update and change content through a user friendly interface. For example, if a client wants to update a news section or add more products to an e commerce site, a CMS is designed so that said client can make these changes without having to know or change any coding, and without the cost of aid from a web developer.

Slick Demon creates all of our sites from raw, handwritten code. As we create our sites, we listen to the client to see if there are areas that will need to be updated on a regular basis, and then if needed, write a custom CMS specifically for that task. Creating a CMS this way allows the CMS to be stripped down to make updating tasks more obvious, or very complex in a client specific way.

Slick Demon E-Commerce: Easier and more affordable than you may think

If you decide to commission Slick Demon for your e commerce website, we'll perform a ground up layout and design with that special Slick Demon touch, and hand you a professional, fully functional on-line store, ready to sell your products. We've worked hard at keeping the cost down so that an e commerce site is affordable on any budget without sacrificing many of the high-end functionality and features found in your favorite on-line shops. Slick Demon e commerce sites are NOT aimlessly placed "buy now" buttons. Our stores are complex (behind the scenes of course), rich applications that keep track of your customers, their orders, payments, shipping and so very much more.

Slick Demon is all about the eye candy.

Digital graphics

There are all sorts of ways and tools to implement digital graphics. They may be point to point, shape manipulation, or pixel manipulation. They may be created with a mouse, a stylus, or in some cases, on the fly with code. Keeping the file size small may be a concern, while at other times a large file size is to be expected. They may be optimized for web viewing, optimized for file sending or optimized for print.

There are almost more properties to the digital graphic than the drawing itself, and knowing all of them before the virtual pen hits the virtual paper is key.

What are some of the graphic services we provide?

Slick Demon can help with just about anything that requires an artistic touch. All you need to do is ask.
These are just a few common graphic requests many individuals inquire about:
  • PHOTO MANIPULATION - Touch ups, re-designs
  • BROCHURES - Web delivered, print
  • OBJECT PRINTING DESIGN - For silk screening on business promotions

Slick Demon loves to make things move.

Informative & of course, fun

The mind is very sensitive to motion. When viewers interact with a web page or a program, what they see or hear changes dynamically depending on what they do or click. When these dynamic changes happen instantaneously, it can be difficult for the viewer to re process all the new information presented to them. A bit of subtle animation can help ease the viewer into the new content, basically filling in the blanks between what the content was, and what it has now become.

With that aside, animation can make your project a bit more fun - and well, we think there's really nothing more to be said about that...

Keep in mind...

  • Slick Demon can breathe life into your company logo or mascot
  • Your animating banner ads will stand out next to others that are static
  • Presentations that interact will help convey your ideas
  • Animation is ideal for your TV spots
  • Slick Demon can render your animation to a video format, frame rate and resolution of your choice (don't forget the audio)