Slick Demon
Creative works with a unique personality.
Built with attention to detail.
Designed just for you.

Welcome to Slick Demon
music - web design - graphics - animation

Creative Media.

That's what the title states, and that's what we love and do.

We vent our creative ideas and you reap the benefits.

We're pretty light-hearted, we love the tongue & cheek and we want to entertain, but don't let that mislead you. Our results are professional and our service is uncompromisable.
Take a moment to browse our portfolio or more important, drop us a line. Go ahead and ask us a few questions. Our response will be timely, friendly and guaranteed.

Only you can determine if Slick Demon is the right choice for you.
We can help point you in the right direction, even if it's not us. That's just good ethics and that's how we roll.

Our Services at a glance...


Completely original scores in many genres. Created exclusively for your project.

Web Design

A "click - touch - swipe - pinch - zoom" representation of you with tons of personality.


Tasty eye candy from web to print. If you think it, we'll bring it to life.


You say, "Let's make things move." We say, "Not a problem and with pleasure.."

a note from Johnny...

My name is Johnny Batcher...

Slick Demon is my brain child.

I crave CREATION. Not re-creation or look alikes but something new and fresh. There's nothing wrong with getting inspiration from what has been seen or heard, but the ultimate satisfaction is in originality. Hard to come by these days, and personally, it's a daily test. As I have definitely found out many times, completely original work may not necessarily be a successful one. As time goes by (and seems to be accelerating), I hone my abilities by learning from my personal successes and my pieces that are "woah man, not so good."

The Slick Demon concept as I have envisioned it is really quite simple: The world of music and design is gi-normous (that would be gigantic and enormous combined). For a firm that consists of dozens or even hundreds of individuals, many or most of the fields can be catered to, but sometimes at the expense of an individual's fingerprint. Slick Demon fills a niche. We provide ONLY that which we do well, in ONLY the expression that we do it well in, while keeping communication person to person, not company to company.

I personally touch every piece of music, graphic, animation and code. To broaden our services without significant emulsion, would compromise Slick Demon's quality / my quality, and render our status to mediocrity.